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     I have worked in the construction industry (both commercial and residential) for 22 years. As result of this experience, my associates and I know about possible bat intrusions at the roof line drip edge, soffit & fascia joints & junctions, roof vents, ridge caps, chimney grout joints, loose flashing, dormer pockets, dormer gables (tops & ends), roof gable tops & ends .

     A few years ago my friend Mike Bakke was laid up for a short period of time and asked me to help him with his bat business. I set up some ladders for him & learned how to determine where bats were entering housing structures and how to humanely exclude them by installing EXCLUDERS (one way doors) and sealing all other gaps, holes that bats can find and squeeze back in. Using his 34 years of experience, he basically taught me almost everything I know about bats and their indispensable value to the environment. With the help of his unique perspective, I have developed a deep appreciation for bats and the part they play in balancing earth’s ecology. So much so that I have driven over 100 miles to rescue just one bat!

     Ken and Barb Bowman of Bat Conservation of Wisconsin rehab bats from near death and nurse them back to life to reintroduce them back to the environment. I work together with them to save as many bats as I can. I can safely say I have never knowingly killed a bat as well as trying to educate as many people as possible on how to safely remove bats from peoples’ homes. It’s also been part of my ongoing endeavor to extol the value of bats in mosquito abatement. (They can eat half their body weight of mosquitoes a night).

     I look forward to continue serving the interests of helping the public to safely remove bats from people’s homes and business’s, thus saving as many bats as possible.